Key to Success

Friday, 21 August 2015  |  Admin

Key to Success

I can guarantee that the majority of you would all quietly agree that money is the key to success; but is money the sole contributor? The minority perhaps would say creativity, education, preparation, self-confidence or maybe even failure.  However, how would we know for sure?

Success is a hard concept to measure as everyone has their own definition or opinion.  Here at All Boxed Off, it’s our passion and belief that sparks our determination to succeed; but it wasn’t always this way.  ABO is now 4 years and 1 month old, not to be too precise; but it wasn’t all fun and games in the beginning.  Our Manager and the mind driving ABO, Ange Munroe, honestly admitted the business wasn’t her pride and joy when it was born.  It was ‘just a job’.  Now 4 years later, she eats, sleeps and breathes everything All Boxed Off and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is her desire to achieve and assurance that help the company to thrive.  It’s quite contagious too.  Everyone in the ABO Team has a thirst for success and will help in any way to better our little family.  For our company, team work is a massive contributor. 

Another contributor to our success would be taking risks.  Although we are a small business, we have yet to stop expanding whether it is by investing in new boxes or a new unit to work from; and although taking risks doesn’t always pay, it’s the things that fail that help us build up the company the most.  It’s all about being committed and not giving up, even if things aren’t going your way.

So with the least patronising tone possible, for anyone struggling or in need of a little reassurance, here are some of our brief tips for success; whether it be for business or general, everyday life.

Tips for finding your ‘Key to Success’:

  • Stay focused- it is important to remember why you’re doing something! Ask yourself ‘what are your long time goals?’, ‘why is this necessary?’ and remind yourself of the importance of everything you do.This will help to make you more determined to complete your tasks.

  • Take risks- If something isn’t working, try another option.Take a risk and think outside the box.Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll always be able to learn from your mistakes.

  • Humility is important- Whether you’re a business owner or not, putting other people first helps you to become a more selfless person and give something back to the community or workplace.Successful people do lose their way sometimes, but humble people share credit and ideas to get back on track! Humility also breeds openness although you should never compromise your own beliefs for someone else’s.

  • Laughter- Laughing is a great way to stimulate the brain and creates happiness in and out of the workplace.


Finally, the last bit of advice I have for you is to be happy.  In my opinion happiness is the only true measure of success and likewise without being happy how could you ever succeed; nonetheless there are always multiple factors that contribute to success, with each being as valuable as the other.  So to answer my earlier question, money is not the sole contributor.  In fact, especially in ABO, our success is shown through you.  Without you, we wouldn’t have a business, so if you’re happy, we’re happy and we couldn’t ask for any more.

As you should already know from last week’s post we are trying our very best to improve our social media sites to make it easier for you, as the customer, to have and access more information on the business when needed; but we also want to be able to answer your questions quickly too. 

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