Who are we?

Tuesday, 11 August 2015  |  Admin

Who are we?

Although some of you know us quite well, for those of you who do not, I would formally like to introduce ourselves.  We are ‘All Boxed Off’, Hello.


Whether you’re moving house, putting things into storage, packing, sending or just looking for that perfect box to make a super secure fortress; we are definitely the business for you! Selling new, but mainly used and refurbished cardboard boxes, we can provide exactly what you need.  Big or small, single walled, double walled or triple walled; I can guarantee we have the box for you.

Now if you’re as indecisive as myself and can’t make up your mind on what you need, or you just aren’t sure on the different types of boxes, don’t worry! It’s my job to clear all that up or at least try.

Know your boards

  • Single Wall Board- This is the most common type of corrugated cardboard that is manufactured.  These sorts of boxes are often used to transport or hold light items for mail order or redistribution of wholesale products as they only offer a thin layer of protection.

  • Double Wall Board- This type of corrugated cardboard box is much more resistant to breaking when stacked.  They are strong enough for most requirements and are still fairly light, but offer that extra layer of protection you sometimes need.

  • Triple Wall Board- This type of board is the King of all boards.  It is strong enough to be a substitute for wooden crates and suitable for international postage; and it will certainly protect all your fragile items completely.

Hopefully you will now understand a little more about the variety that is offered to you.  Other than the boards of the boxes the difference is obviously the size, but I’m sure you know what you’re looking for there.

At All Boxed Off, its our promise to try and deliver exactly what you need and help you out where possible therefore any queries please feel free to get in touch, whether it be via eBay, Twitter, Facebook, email or phone.  We will do our very best to advise you where possible.

On a final note, as a result of some minor changes, we will be updating our social media more frequently to do our best to keep you in the loop about what’s going on at All Boxed Off.  So let us know how we’re doing, were you satisfied with the service? Did you use the boxes for anything interesting? Is there anything we can do to improve?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ashleigh Symms

 Junior Marketing Executive